Landlord/Tenant Law

With over 16 years of experience representing landlords and tenants in disputes over real estate, the Law Office of Carl Brugnoli has the skills, experience, and understanding of Massachusetts landlord tenant law to resolve matters successfully and quickly. Explore the attorney’s experiencing litigating real estate disputes through a free new client consultation.

Landlord Tenant Law Services

The Law Office of Carl Brugnoli is situated in Boston and provides legal services statewide. Landlord tenant legal services offered by the firm include:

  • Representing either a landlord or a tenant during eviction
  • Fighting a landlord for discriminating against you as a renter
  • Tenant consultations if landlords do not make necessary repairs to your rental apartment
  • Helping you draft leases for your Massachusetts rental units
  • Negligence cases
  • Slip and falls incidents
  • Property damages lawsuits
  • and other services

If you are a tenant, it can be helpful to speak with an attorney. Attorney Brugnoli can listen to your situation and advise you what protections the law offers. If you decide to move forward with the case, the attorney can provide compassionate, effective legal services.

For landlords, the attorney can make sure that all matters pertaining to the rental properties are legally above board. The attorney can defend landlords in a lawsuit or prosecute tenants who have damaged the property, not paid rent, or are in violation of the lease terms.

A lawyer for landlord tenant situations may seem like an unnecessary expense when you can represent yourself. However, it can really help you achieve a favorable outcome in your legal situation if you have an attorney litigating for you.

Do you have a landlord tenant issue in Massachusetts? The Law Office of Carl Brugnoli is here to advocate for your rights and resolve the landlord-tenant dispute using all resources available under the law. To speak with the attorney now, please call the Law Office of Carl Brugnoli at 866-288-1902.

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